Hank VS. hAnK 2

2017-01-17 13:59:34 by LightsOFF

Working at Hank VS. hAnK 2 


Zombie Test with Mag Hank

2017-01-13 13:34:34 by LightsOFF

A little Test with BioSoldier's Zombie Sprites with Mag Hank :) Here http://www.newgrounds.com/dump/item/53ec840daca7471de5f55a79aafdef746059941_148433246763_MagHankbutisazombieversion.png

Happy New Year

2016-12-29 15:31:29 by LightsOFF

LOL,2 days for 2017 :( i made this Sprite Sheet for Flash 8 to celebrate New Year :D


Another Test

2016-12-27 15:20:06 by LightsOFF

Another Little Test :)





Sprites by:Delamortes

Portal 2 Chell Sprites Madness Combat

2016-12-20 17:33:29 by LightsOFF

I made this Chell sheet from Portal 2 to make Portal movies in Madness Combat, seriously it took me 5 minutes to do that is a little bit because I really believe this sheet sucks. But, well, enjoy the package I made :) [Chell Photo]  

Here the Chell Sprites: http://www.mediafire.com/file/m5379kqeyekybb6/Portal+2+Chell+Sheet.fla    



Happy Halloween Everyone!

2016-10-31 11:52:05 by LightsOFF

Today is October 31st Halloween is celebrated so I really like Christmas and well ... I hope you enjoy this year watching horror movies, movies, trick or treating, good ..


After Years

2016-09-26 16:08:56 by LightsOFF

After many attempts I have
I validated my account, some
They not excited them because they had
validated your account but not Jose
I had validated but I'm not SUPPORT
but OK...